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We work primarily with self-employed creative individuals. Take a peek at our portfolio below. This sampling showcases the diversity of our custom Web site designs, from simple to quixotic.

Web sites for artists, writers, and musicians

Web sites for non-profit organizations and small businesses

Still not sure if you need a Web site?

Maybe you don't. For many individuals, a Web site is an essential component of their marketing strategy. Here are some points raised by our clients about the benefits of having a Web site:
  • affordable exposure beyond the local market
  • ability to influence and shape your public identity/representation
  • "my own art gallery controlled by me"
  • people take you more seriously as an artist
  • uncovering new potential markets
  • monitoring the impact of targeted marketing campaigns
  • a business card with your Web site address is lighter than carrying a portfolio around
  • a forum to address the world on issues that are important to you
  • establishing legitimacy if having to undergo an income tax audit

Plain English

Even though we make every effort to use plain English when talking about technology, there are some technical terms that are helpful to know while planning for a Web site.
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Getting Started

Acquiring a Web site can be overwhelming. Here at GingerMedia, we guide our clients through the process step by step.
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What is a Web site going to cost? Estimating the price can be difficult because project parameters often change as clients immerse themselves in a project and discover new possibilities.
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