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Getting Started

Acquiring a Web site can be overwhelming. Here at GingerMedia, we guide our clients through the process step by step.

Before beginning any project, we set up an initial consultation to discuss a client's needs and to answer any questions or concerns that they might have. In addition, this meeting gives an opportunity for both parties to discover if there is the necessary "fit" for working collaboratively and closely on a project.

Here is a brief outline of the various stages of most Web site projects. We encourage our clients to participate in the process as much as they wish.


To begin, we gather as much information as possible in order to develop an appropriate and comprehensive set of design specifications.
  • What is the purpose of the Web site?
  • How will the Web site fit into the client's overall marketing strategy?
  • What is the workflow of related business processes?
  • What is the client's budget?
  • Does the client want the ability to update the Web site on their own?


We sketch a rough layout of the content of the Web site (i.e. content architecture). A prototype or wireframe may be built at this stage. We start to work on the look and feel of the Web site based on that architecture.
  • Are all the key areas of content available in one or two clicks?
  • Is the layout and organization aligned with the goals of the Web site?
  • Will the design be ranked favourably by search engines?
  • Will the pages load quickly?
  • What new content needs to be developed?
  • Will the design accomodate future expansion if required?


Several pages are constructed at this stage and the design is once again re-evaluated. Adjustments are made and then the rest of the Web site is built. Content in the form of text and images are added.
  • Are there any unexpected conflicts between the design and the technology chosen?
  • Does the Web site still meet its intended goals?
  • Are all the images optimized?

Quality Testing

Although different aspects of a Web site are tested on an ongoing basis throughout the process, before the launch, it is important to thoroughly test the Web site as a whole.
  • Does it work with all the common browsers?
  • Does the programming code meet industry validation standards?
  • Are there any spelling errors?
  • Are any copyright permissions missing?


At this stage, the Web site is launched by copying all the files to a pre-determined Web server. Testing continues online with a broader user base.
  • Is the Web site loading as quickly as predicted?
  • Are there any minor fixes needed?


Once a Web site is launched, regular maintenance is required to keep the site current and working for the client.
  • Are there any links that are no longer working?
  • Is the content up-to-date?
  • Do the Web site statistics reveal any potential new markets?
  • Does the Web site need improvements to meet a client's current goals?

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Plain English

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Getting Started

Acquiring a Web site can be overwhelming. Here at GingerMedia, we guide our clients through the process step by step.
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What is a Web site going to cost? Estimating the price can be difficult because project parameters often change as clients immerse themselves in a project and discover new possibilities.
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