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ABOUT the gingers

Zsuzsi (Suzanna) Huebsch

Zsuzsi came into the world in the front seat of a '59 Rambler in Montreal, Quebec. It's a good story she'll gladly tell you if you ask. After completing a Bachelor of computer science and exploring a variety of careers in the IT industry, she soon found her true calling: teaching computer skills to non-specialists. As GingerMedia's project wrangler, content strategist and computer coach, she combines her love of technology with her extensive teaching experience (including stints at UBC, BCIT and VCC). Along the way Zsuzsi completed a BC Provincial Instructor Diploma and a Master in adult education. To keep life in balance she gardens, knits, makes an excellent ginger-squash soup, and on more than one occasion has been spotted hooping in the living room.

John Gardiner

With years of experience and certification in web technologies, John is GingerMedia's webmaster maestro, problem solver, graphics guru. And there isn't a new font he doesn't know about. An admitted news hound and internet junkie, he nonetheless does pull himself away from the computer from time to time to design and build row boats, invent handy gadgets, or renovate a neighbour's kitchen. John possesses a quirky sense of humour, which may have roots in his childhood fondness for square-cut frozen vegetables.

Partners in life as well as work, John and Zsuzsi are passionately community based and share a commitment to supporting local artists and businesses. You may have seen them at the farmer's market, driving a co-op car, or on hiking trails in the Coast Mountains near Vancouver.

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